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Plastics-free packaging: both good and bad

I’m a big fan of cutting waste and reducing the amount of garbage in the world, especially unrecycled and unrecyclable plastic, but recent moves in Europe to replace plastic food packaging with biodegradable alternatives have got me scared. Chances are … Continue reading

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Corn-free candied peel?

It’s that time of year again, when stores, newspapers and magazines are full of special desserts made with candied peel. Call me crazy, but I love candied peel! (It’s also known as crystallized fruit or glac√© fruit). I am in … Continue reading

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Corn-based yarn

I have now seen it in person and, even though it is probably harmless due to processing, it kind of gives me the creeps. . .

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10 years of Avoiding Corn in Canada!

Avoiding Corn in Canada ( has made the leap to WordPress for its 10th anniversary! Please bear with me as I work out the kinks involved in moving the Dreamweaver site to this new format and from one hosting company … Continue reading

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“Dairy milker”

I saw this abomination recently. It’s so ugly that I’ve sent it to¬†Language Log. I think “dairy milker” is a back-formation from “dairy creamer,” itself a rather ugly back-formation from “non-dairy creamer,” which itself is a euphemism for “coffee whitener.” … Continue reading

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