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Corn-free candied peel?

It’s that time of year again, when stores, newspapers and magazines are full of special desserts made with candied peel. Call me crazy, but I love candied peel! (It’s also known as crystallized fruit or glac√© fruit). I am in … Continue reading

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Corn-based yarn

I have now seen it in person and, even though it is probably harmless due to processing, it kind of gives me the creeps. . .

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10 years of Avoiding Corn in Canada!

Avoiding Corn in Canada ( has made the leap to WordPress for its 10th anniversary! Please bear with me as I work out the kinks involved in moving the Dreamweaver site to this new format and from one hosting company … Continue reading

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“Dairy milker”

I saw this abomination recently. It’s so ugly that I’ve sent it to¬†Language Log. I think “dairy milker” is a back-formation from “dairy creamer,” itself a rather ugly back-formation from “non-dairy creamer,” which itself is a euphemism for “coffee whitener.” … Continue reading

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