Corn-free foods

Kosher for Passover products (mostly) do not contain corn

If you live in an area that stocks kosher foods, check out the kosher aisles around Passover (around the same time as Easter, in April, although grocery stores generally begin stocking Kosher for Passover products in March). Many products that normally contain corn are made in special corn-free lots for this holiday. These products will clearly say “Kosher for Passover” on them. (Usually the corn syrup, corn starch, etc. is replaced by potato syrup and potato starch, and the corn oil replaced with cottonseed. Kosher for Passover Coke has even gathered a sort of cult following in the USA – Coke aficionados swear it tastes better than Coke made with corn syrup. But beware – there are exceptions: “kitniyot,” foods forbidden in Ashkenazi tradition from being eaten during Passover, and which include corn products, are permitted during Passover and all year round in Sephardi households. Always read the ingredients!). You can stock up on cookies, salami, cold cuts, ice cream, and all sorts of sweets – including my personal favourite – corn-free marshmallows. Most of this stuff freezes well, too, so you can buy enough to last for a few months instead of waiting a whole year to have junk food again.