Enteral and parenteral nutrition

Enteral and parenteral nutrition solutions are used to feed people who can’t swallow or who have serious stomach or intestinal trouble. Almost all of the ones available in Canada contain corn derivatives.

Abbott and Nestlé Nutrition enteral formulations all contain corn.
Nutricia products almost all contain corn. The ones that are corn-free are for people with rare metabolic conditions and would be unsuitable for other people.

Several Medtrition and Solace Nutrition dietary formulas are corn-free! These are not enteral formulas, but physicians may prescribe them to patients who need extra nutrition but can’t have corn.

I’m still waiting to hear back from Vitaflo and Actavis.

Years ago, I was supposed to have been given an enteral solution when I was in the hospital. Since no corn-free enteral formulation or nutritional supplement was available at the time, I pulled through by eating lots of corn-free peanut butter, margarine, eggs, and apple sauce instead. (It was gross, but it worked).