Corn-free candied peel?

It’s that time of year again, when stores, newspapers and magazines are full of special desserts made with candied peel. Call me crazy, but I love candied peel! (It’s also known as crystallized fruit or glacĂ© fruit). I am in a serious candied peel funk right now because this is the first year since the 1990s that I have not been able to find any panettone, mince pies, christmas puddings or fruitcakes — yes, I also like fruitcakes — without corn syrup. Even online.

Candied peel is easy to make, but it does take time. And you have to use a separate pot for every kind of peel you make, or the flavours get mixed together. I’ve done this before but I was hoping to avoid it this year. 5 hours is a little long to work on an ingredient for another recipe, isn’t it?

If you know of a source of candied peel using only cane sugar, please write to me!

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