Corn production in Canada

Corn production in Canada has been increasing in the last few decades. The use of corn in food and industrial products jumped 21% from 2006 to 2007, and kept rising at double digit rates of increase until 2010. The growth in the use of corn in food and industrial products from 2011-2012 has slowed to around 4% per year. I suppose that’s a good sign. . .

Total Corn Production and the Use of Corn as Human Food/Industrial Products in Canada, 1996–2012

Corn production 1997-2012.jpg

1. See CANSIM tables 001-0011001-0025 and 001-0039 for historical data for Canada (to 2003).
2. Ethanol is included in industrial use. The rest of the corn was used for animal feed.

I made this chart with data from Statistics Canada’s Table 001-0042 — Supply and disposition of corn in Canada, annual (metric tonnes), CANSIM (database), accessed June 2, 2013.

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