Unique features

Avoiding Corn in Canada/cornfree.ca is unique among corn allergy web sites in that it:

  • provides links and accurate citations to current scientific, government policy and industry literature so that users can determine for themselves whether a product contains corn — it’s not just a long, sourceless list of products that “may contain” corn
  • provides information on how to obtain corn-free medications
  • is bilingual (English/French — French version currently is being upgraded to WordPress (as of June 2, 2013))
  • provides information on food labelling laws and the names for corn in other countries to make travel easier for corn allergy sufferers, and
  • pertains specifically to the laws and market situation in Canada, but provides a model for how corn allergy sufferers in other countries can find the information they want where they live.

Canadian context

Information about food and drug labeling on this site applies specifically to the regulations in force in Canada. These regulations may not reflect the terminology for corn derivatives, procedures for obtaining corn-free prescription medications, or any other aspects of dealing with products that may contain corn that may be used in other countries. For instance, most American web sites about corn allergy list vinegar as a product corn-sensitive people should avoid, whereas in Canada only malt vinegar may contain corn and other types of vinegar are not made with corn products. (The document linked to here is section B.19.005 of Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations. Sections B.19.001-B.19.009 deal with vinegar).


I am not out to say nasty things about people or companies, etc. who produce or consume corn products. I also do not believe that there is a “cornspiracy” to make life difficult for corn-sensitive people. Corn can be and is made into all kinds of useful products (such as plastic food containers and cutlery, textiles, and films), it’s a renewable resource, and it’s relatively cheap to produce. Its popularity is no surprise to me.


I strive to keep the information on this site as up-to-date and as accurate as possible. Please report broken links or errors here.

Finally, I am not responsible for the contents of other web sites accessible from links from cornfree.ca.